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When is the Right Time to Mow New Grass

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When you start to see newly planted grass starting to sprout, it’s a sure sign you’ve successfully seeded your lawn. Now all there is to do is take care of the new sprouts and you’ll have a perfectly lush lawn in no time. Sounds great right? But when is it time to start mowing these new sprouts? You certainly don’t want to do it too soon as this might ruin everything you’ve worked for to this point.


Timing is indeed of the essence when it comes to the question of when to mow new grass. As a general rule, you’ll want to allow approximately four weeks to go by from the time you first see sprouts to the time you mow them. This will give the young plants time to develop the root strength to withstand being trimmed by a lawn mower blade. Consideration also needs to be taken not to disturb the roots that are still forming. The back and forth of a rolling lawn mower could definitely be hazardous to their growth and development.

Mowing the new plants too soon may also lead to issues with the soil as the back and forth tends to compact the soil which makes it hard. This will make it difficult for the root system of the new grass to develop properly.

Proper Lawn Cutting

When mowing you want to ensure that the blades of your lawn mower are sharp, so they actually cut the grass smoothly, rather than creating a situation where the grass is being ripped or torn from the impact of the blades hitting it. A height of two to three inches is ideal. Cutting it lower than this range makes things like pests, weeds and heat stress more likely. It’s also helpful if you don’t mow in the same direction all the time. Switching up the direction helps the grass to grow straight.

Observe the Height

The height of the grass determines how low it will take to mow it. When new grass is 3 or 4 inches high, you can consider it’s ready for mowing. Making sure to keep the ground moist is an important element when grass is new and trying to establish roots. Before cutting though allow about 48 hours for it to dry a little just before mowing it. When you mow, take care to do slow turns, so the wheels of your lawn mower aren’t tearing chunks of grass away from the soil as you pass.

Consider Renovation

To even out your lawn if there are bare patches you should consider re-seeding the areas that are bare. If you do this, just avoid mowing the newly seeded areas. Giving those areas the time and opportunity they need to catch up with the growth of the rest of the yard. It will eventually blend in with the more established portions of your lawn, and there will be no visible signs of the patches that existed before.

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