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How to Start a Lawn Mowing Business

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It’s not difficult to start a lawn mowing business and even be successful with it if you take care of it and treat it like a job and not something you’re just playing with like a hobby. However, before you start there are a few things you need to have in in place to give yourself the best chance for success.  If you take the time up front to put all of the necessary items together, you well have set up your foundation for a successful mowing adventure.

Reality Check

Starting your own lawn mowing business can sound appealing; however, every business opportunity has its pitfalls. Starting a lawn mowing business is not an exception. You should understand that you should be more skilled at pruning, trimming and mowing than the average Joe to start doing these things as a business. What this means is you will need to have practiced gardening before starting your business. Also be aware that being in business requires a level of discipline and focus the many may find uncommon. All this in addition to the physical fitness level required means operating a lawn care business is something you should really think about before blindly jumping into it.

Solid Planning

You’ll need to lay out a solid business plan beforehand. It will need to include your growth and marketing plan and your specific ideas about the services you intend to offer. Other planning to consider is the rates you intend to charge for the services you’ll be providing. Keeping in mind these rates will need to be competitive with other service providers in your area. Finally, be sure to consider the service area you will cover.

Market Research

Get clear about who your customers are. As an example, baby boomers are some of the more affluent homeowners, and many of them have a deep appreciation for a well-kept lawn. And the best part for you is they don’t have time to do the lawn care work themselves.

The Legalities

One of the first things you’ll need to do is settle on a name for your new business. Once you do the next step will be to file the appropriate paperwork. The type of business structure you decide on will determine what paperwork needs to be filled. The businesses types to consider include Limited Liability Company, Corporation or Sole Proprietorship.

The Equipment

Getting your business started is something you can do with only a push mower. When it grows, you’ll find that you’ll want to have the ability to mow more lawns each day. To do so will most likely require that you buy a riding lawn mower. It’s recommended that you buy it as soon as you can. Some other equipment needs will eventually include a weed trimmer, fertilizer, and even grass seed.

The Financing

You’ll need to separate your business finances from your personal, so this means you’ll need to open a separate bank account. If you have to start with a small amount of capital that is fine, but when you reach a point where you need to purchase more equipment you can apply for a small business loan or credit card.

These are a few tips that if used will help you get started with your new lawn mowing business.

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