Good Riding Lawn Mowers Under 2000 USD

riding lawn mower under 2000

In this buying guide, I am going to list five riding lawn mowers for under $2,000. However, you can find several more riding lawn mowers for under $2,000. I’m giving a suggested price here, so be sure to check out the current price at Amazon by clicking on the links. Note that this article has been written by one of our expert contacts and may therefore not reflect our professional opinions.

First and foremost, let me recommend that you find yourself a Hank Hill of riding lawn mowers. That is a person that sells riding lawn mowers and lawn mower accessories and is proud of it and does a good job. The way to find him is by going to places where new lawnmowers are sold. I have always found that Sears, for the most part, hires well qualified and knowledgeable sales people. They also sell more than just the Craftsman brand of mowers, although there is nothing wrong with Craftsman products. It all depends on what you need for the job that you have to do.

Let Hank know what you are going to be using your mower for, i.e., the size of the area you will be mowing, how hilly or flat the property is and how often you usually mow.. However, if he is a good Hank, he will ask that question before showing you any mowers. If he doesn’t, kindly thank him for his time, and slowly back away from the mowers and exit the perimeters. He is a seller, not a Hank.

I am really addressing this article to a first or second-time buyer. If you have any history at all with a riding lawn mower, you will know how important the size of the engine is, as well as the size of the cut, the type of transmission and even the turning radius all of which impact your purchasing decision. You can see now, if you are somewhat of a novice, finding a good sales person will be key to your ultimate happiness.

Lastly, unless you are a qualified do-it-yourselfer, you might want to consider purchasing the maintenance agreement because thorough maintenance, two times a year, will add years to your mowers life and enhance its performance.

So, without further adieu, here is my top five selection of riding lawn mowers, in order of least to most expensive, for under $2,000.

The Bolens

15.5 HP, 38-inch cut, model# 13AM762F765. It is recommended that you mow smaller areas and do not plan on doing any hauling or cultivating. It has a manual transmission and you can purchase the Bolens online at Amazon or at any Lowes location. You can also check the Bolens website.

The MTD Yard Machine

17.5 HP, 42-inch cut, model# 13AN772G000. It features a 7-speed shift-on-the-go transmission. No hills, cultivating or mulching recommended for this mower. will ship for free.

The John Deere

19.5 HP, 42-inch cut, model# BG20444. John Deere can also be purchased at Lowes and any John Deere authorized dealers. This mower has a manual transmission.

The John Deere

19 HP, 42-inch cut, model #BG20445. This mower is basically the same mower as the previously mentioned John Deere mower, however, this one has a Hydrostatic transmission.

The Husqvarna

22 HP, 46-inch cut, model #224615. It features a hydrostatic transmission and can cut on larger yards, up to 1.5 acres and small inclines. Husqvarna’s are sold at Lowes, Sears, and at all Husqvarna dealerships.

When you go to Sears to talk to find your “Hank Hill of lawn mowers”, check out their line of Craftsman mowers. They will have several to choose from under $2,000 and Craftsman are good mowers and have good warranties.

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