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Professional Lawn Care and Maintenance: How Much Does it Cost?

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Your lawn plays a vital role in enhancing the overall beauty of your home, so its maintenance and care are important. Even if your lawn is already in tip top condition and beautifully landscaped keeping it this way will require a whole lot of work. This is why it might be a good idea to consider hiring a professional to take care of it for you. So at this point, you may be wondering how much does lawn care and maintenance cost? While the answer depends on quite a few factors such as the specific type of maintenance and care involved. Here are some things you should consider when you’re looking for professional lawn care services.

The Average Cost of Lawn Care and Maintenance Service

The average for basic lawn care services, which includes cutting the grass, pesticide treatment and weeding and trimming, is between $200 and $350. Many providers are willing to price services individually, while others only offer packages requiring weekly or monthly payments. The process for obtaining lawn care services might include the following:

  • Assessment: this is where your lawn is examined, and a treatment plan is created that is designed to keep your grass in great condition.
  • Weed and insect control: this is where a plan for protecting your grass against weed and insects through the use of both non-organic and organic insecticides and pesticides.
  • Fertilization: using fertilizer keeps your grass healthy, beautiful and green.
  • Additional services: this might include services like aeration and grass seeding.

Are Lawn Care Services Worth the Cost?

So now the question is, are lawn care services worth the cost? If you’re one of the millions of busy homeowners then yes it probably is. Hiring a professional to take care of your lawn will ensure that it is kept healthy and is always properly manicured. The prices for these services will vary depending on the where the service is being provided and whether or not it’s a private residence or business. Other things that will be considered when determining cost include how often the lawn will need to be mowed, and the overall square footage of the area being maintained.

Advanced Service Options

In addition to basic maintenance and lawn care services, some providers go the extra mile and provide what should be considered advanced services. This includes services like weed control and fertilizing. These types of services are typically more important to homeowners who want to see their lawns remain vibrant year-round. Providing care year-round prevents those periods where their lawns are allowed to turn brown for a brief period.

Green Care

Eco-friendly service is another type of service you might want to look into. With these types of services the service providers use natural and organic fertilizers on the grass to keep it green. Though the use of organic materials your lawn is much safer for use by small children and animals as they contain no harmful chemicals.

Turf Edging

Edging, which is known in some areas as curbing, helps to create those beautiful lines between grass and other plant beds. The different types of materials used include brick, plastic, concrete, wood, and stone.


Lawn aeration refers to the process of poking holes in the soil in order to allow nutrients, water, and air to reach the roots. Aeration is especially needed when your yard is used heavily by children. It gives the ground that comfortable spongy fee.

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