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How to Clean a Lawn Mower Carburetor

By January 7, 2017 No Comments

Keeping your lawn mower well maintained is a good place to start if you’re looking to minimize your spending on repairs. By following a regular maintenance schedule, your mower will run a whole lot smoother, and for a much longer period of time.

Here are a few tips that will help you in this effort:


  1. Remember that the best opportunity and time to clean your lawn mower is right after you’ve just finished using it. Cleaning at this time is good because you’ll be removing the unwanted debris before any of the just added grass and dirt has a chance to dry and harden. It also prevents ventilation blockage, which is one of the main causes of lawn mower overheating.
  2. Store a soft brush and towel somewhere near the area where you store your lawn mower. This will be a big help and serve as a reminder to clean it after each use.
  3. Think safety first, always disconnect the spark plug before start to clean and use thick work gloves to avoid injuries to your hands.
  4. After you’ve finished rinsing the mower you should allow it to air dry for a brief period before inspecting it again for any grass and debris that you may have missed. If you discover grass clippings that were missed, you can remove them by hand or with a scraper.
  5. Finally, double inspect the lawn mower blade for damage after it has been cleaned. If it remains in good working condition, spray it with a bit of vegetable oil before storing for its next use.


  • Don’t use polish or water to clean your lawn mower blades. It just might cause your blade to rust.
  • Don’t clean or do maintenance on your engine until it has completely cooled off. Doing so will help avoid being burned by hot engine surfaces.
  • Don’t allow fresh cut grass and dirt to dry on the blades or underside. Cleaning it as soon as possible will help avoid having issues with rust.
  • Don’t let grass clippings accumulate under the hood of your riding mower. In most cases, a tool for removing this is provided when you purchase your lawn mower. If no tool is provided, you can use a plastic kitchen spatula.
  • Don’t use water to clean your lawn mowers engine as doing so might cause engine blockage.
  • Don’t get water into the air filter while rinsing your lawn mower after use.

Regular and consistent oil changes will go a long way toward extending the life of your lawn mower, in addition to keeping it clean. But remember these things are just pieces of a larger picture when it comes to the overall maintenance process. There are parts that will need to be replaced periodically as well. All these steps combined will lead to having a good reliable machine for a long time.

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