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How to Change Lawn Mower Oil

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Knowing you should change the oil in your lawn mower and actually doing it are two entirely different things. The good news is changing the oil in a lawn mower really isn’t very hard to do. Of course, depending on the specific model and type you have the procedures for completing the job will be different but even with that, it’s something you can learn to do. All you have to do is learn the basics then apply them to your specific mower after looking at the owner’s manual to learn the specifics you must know.

The truth is you should probably consult the owner’s manual that came with your mower before starting any maintenance task. If there are any special instructions, you need to follow that is where you will find them. After you have checked the information, then you are ready to get started.

Here are the basic steps to changing your lawn mower oil.

  1. The first step to changing your motor oil should be to disconnect your lawn mowers spark plugs. If you have a riding lawn mower, you’ll want to disconnect the battery. Cutting the power source in this way on either type of mower eliminates any chance of the machine starting accidentally while it’s being worked on.
  2. Next, you’ll be draining the oil. You’ll do this by removing the oil pan from your power, or by following some other specific procedure that is laid out in your owner’s manual. Removing your oil pan is a simple process and can be done with a torque wrench.
  3. If your lawn mower is equipped with an oil filter, you should replace it. Again, this is why it’s important to consult your owner’s manual prior to starting. Your manual will let you know if your model has an oil filter, not all mowers do. Clearly, if your mower is one that doesn’t have an oil filter, then you can skip this step. Changing your oil filter is something you should always do when you change the oil. You’ll be able to find out the exact oil filter replacement you need in your owner’s manual.Once you’ve completed the whole process, draining and changing out the oil filter, and put everything back into place, you’re then ready to put new oil in your lawn mower. Most mowers will take SAE 30 however you want to make certain of what type your mower requires before any oil is added to your motor.
  4. Once you’ve refilled the oil reservoir to the proper level, you can then go ahead and reconnect your spark plug or battery. Start the mower and let if run for just a few seconds before turning it off. The final step you need complete is to recheck the oil level again. If the level remains satisfactory, then you have successfully finished.

You are now all set to resume using your lawn mower normally.

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