Best Robotic Lawn Mower

You just knew that when stores started selling grated cheese and cooked rice, a robot for the home wouldn’t be far away. Say hello to the robotic helpers for gardens and homes.

Mowing the lawn on a sunny day is easily the equivalent of mediaeval torture, like having your thumbs screwed or being stretched to breaking point. There is very little worse knowing that while you could be lazing in a hammock with a cold one in the hand you’re pushing a heavy piece of equipment up and down the lawn. But not anymore! Not with the new generation of robot lawn mowers or mow-bots, as we like to call them. This is one life hack that will change your weekends forever.

We welcomed a Lawnbott into our home earlier this year and life has never been better. He (yes we refer to him as a ‘he’ or by his name) is a valuable member of the family and if there were a fire and I could only save one thing, it would be Moe.

While some may put it down to laziness, the rise of the robot population, and others poo-poo the idea, we say bring it on! If there is an appliance that is going to free up some spare time to spend it with family and friends, then we’re all for it.

This is the best robotic lawn mower review you’ll find online. It introduces you to robot lawn mowers, compare a few and provide you with reviews of each. And then the lawn can be mowed, with or without you.

<h2>The Absolute Best Robotic Lawn Mowers 2020</h2><p>With so many robot lawn mowers out there in 2020, we figured it would be interesting for you to get an overview of all of our recommendations. Picking any of these robot lawn mowers will be sufficient, just select the one that fits your budget and needs the best.</p><p>So here are the <strong>best robot lawn mowers of 2020</strong>.</p><p>

ProductCutting widthPower Source 
WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower 7 inchesBattery-operated
Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn Mower 11 inchesBattery-operated
Robomow RS622 Lawn Mower 22 inchesBattery-operated
Husqvarna 220 AC 8.7-Inch 1/2 Acre Cordless Electric Robotic Automower8.7 inchesBattery-operated
LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robotic Lawn Mower10 inchesBattery-operated
Robot Lawnmower Mythos Basic By Mythos BasicNot providedBattery-operated
200m Virtual Wire/ Robot Mower Automatic Mower9.5 inchesBattery-operated
Hybrid Remote Control Mower S Class22 inchesElectricity
Robomow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower7 inchesBattery-operated
</p><p>So now that you are aware of the best robot lawn mowers out there in 2020, let us continue this guide with the robot lawn mower reviews.</p> 1

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower


WORX is a brand that prides itself on its range of unmanned mowing vehicles, and the Landroid is a prime example.  When compared to some of the other robot lawnmowers on the market, this is well-priced and has a lot of value-added features.

Currently robot lawn mowers are fairly expensive, making them more of a luxury purchase rather than an everyday household item but that is where the Landroid has the advantage. It comes in under $1000 and is very much targeted at the average consumer while still offering excellent performance capabilities and specs.

It is powered by a 28V Li-ion battery that takes approximately 1 and a half hours to charge, and is capable of mowing about 1,000 square meters on a single charge, but we think that is under ideal conditions with no hiccups at all.

Overall the WORX Landroid is probably one of the best robotic lawn mowers around: there are reports that it can be time consuming to set up, but once it is done, it is quick and easy and it runs quietly, which means you can cut the lawn day or night. We like that it runs on electric energy and that you are able to program it via your smartphone –  you don’t even need to be at home while it mows, let alone in the garden.

If you have an uneven lawn, the Landroid is the perfect machine for you. It is filled with state of the art electronics allowing the Landroid to take care of your uneven turf easily. It has a built-in shock sensor system which allows it to go around obstacles with proficiency, avoiding your children’s favorite toys and toes.

Because the lawn robot is relatively new on the market and there are a limited number of manufacturers at the moment consumers have a lot of updates to look forward to, with more products coming out at competitive prices. Even in its short existence the Landroid has already undergone a few changes and we predict that in the not too far future it will be able to mow edges and be able to run faster.

We love this WORX Landroid – it has everything you need to keep your lawn neatly cut and is suitable for various sized gardens. The low price doesn’t take away from how well it works, or rather WORX, and even though there might be more features on more expensive options, chances are you won’t really use them. This sticks to the basics and delivers.

  • We like the lightweight design
  • It automatically mows the lawn
  • Low running cost
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It has built in sensors and a mobile application control
  • Affordable price
  • Can be time consuming and tedious to set up
  • Can’t mow the edges
  • Relatively slow when compared to push or rideable mowers

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Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn Mower


Until you’ve actually experienced the convenience of a robot mower you won’t really understand the hype. Never mind that it mows the lawn on its own, it doesn’t even need you to be there while it does so. The RC306 cuts the grass and then returns to the base station and waits for the next instruction.

The Robomow RC306 is feature packed and designed for areas up to 6,400 square feet or up to ¼ acre of land and it has a cutting width of 11 inches. It can handle any terrain and manages up to 18 degree slopes without flinching. It can also mow up to three areas with the free Robomow app.

As mentioned one of the features that make this particular robot lawn mower such a popular choice is the multiple zone mowing capability. This allows the mow-bot to mow different parts (or zones) of the garden, cutting different lengths and types of grass. And it only needs to be programmed once. There is also the rain sensor. Even if you are away on vacation it can detect the rain and abort its operations, preventing rust and any other damage that could result from wet weather. And just when you think this bott couldn’t get any smarter it is able to detect already mowed lanes and set paths close to them, covering the whole area without missing patches.

Our thoughts on the Robomow RC306 are simple and straightforward: if you want a robot lawn mower that takes the hard work out of keeping your lawn maintained then this is for you. Requiring some set up and minimum supervision it is one heck of a beast.

  • It has a large capacity and easily mows up to 6,500 square meters
  • No supervision is necessary
  • You can cut any kind of terrain, including high grass and even occasional branches
  • Can cut blades of grass up to 60mm high
  • Will abort operations while it’s raining
  • It has a child lock
  • Base station charges the batteries automatically
  • Can mow up to 50 minutes with fully charged batteries
  • Multiple zone mowing capability
  • Robomow can be controlled with smartphone apps
  • The battery takes 70 minutes to fully charge
  • First time setup can be tedious while setting perimeter wires

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RS622 Robot Lawn Mower


Another one of the robotic lawn mowers we rate is the RS622, also by Robomow. With its heavy-duty motors and 22-inch mowing width, this robot mower can take on the toughest challenges. It has 400 watts of mowing power and has a 26-volt lithium-ion battery that works for 50 to 65 minutes at a time on one charge. The convenient modular design makes it easy to change parts as and when it’s needed, without the use of tools or visits to a shop.

We like that it has a rain sensor which detects any moisture. When it starts to rain, the RS622 stops its mowing and makes its way back to the docking station to prevent rust or any other damage. The only downside is it might not have time to get to its base if it’s a sudden downpour, so we suggest you check the weather beforehand. The Robomower is also energy efficient, using about 25 kilowatts of energy per month.

Better suited to smaller lawns, the RS622 lawn bott has the added convenience of smartphone compatibility with an iOS and Android app, which allows you to change or set the mowing zones, working on GPS and Bluetooth. You can also check information like battery life and charging status. In terms of safety it has a child-lock, preventing young children, or people unfamiliar with operating it and it automatically stops when someone is too close.

Even though it has a few faults – which we like to refer to as teething problems – this is a good auto mower option if you are on a budget.

  • Maintain a large lawn with no effort
  • No need to pick up the grass cuttings
  • Very quiet
  • Efficient to run
  • Perfect finish to your lawn
  • Child-lock
  • Involved setup process
  • Requires accessories for multiple zones
  • Difficult to secure

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LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robotic Lawn Mower


The LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robotic Lawn Mower has a very basic design, which is what probably contributes to it being one of the most successful mow-bots since 2012. Unlike other brands that update and upgrade their products, the manufacturers of the SpyderEVO have actually removed the proverbial bells and whistles, like its LCD screen, to focus on the core fundamentals of a mower.

What the iRobot is to vacuuming, the LB1500 is to mowing lawns. In fact, it is pretty much the same thing except it is cutting grass instead of cleaning floors. Unlike other ‘smarter’ mow-bots, the SpyderEVo can mow for up to 3 ½ hours and only needs 3 to 4 hours to recharge.  The LB1500 can cut over 10,000 square feet and mows your lawn until the job is complete or until the power is low. The simple but effective onboard bump sensor stops it bumping into things, like the neighbor’s cat. An additional safety feature of the LB1500 is that the blade stops when one of the handles is touched and if both are touched, the wheels immediately stop. If the mower is put down it restarts again.

Appearances are deceiving with the SypderEVO; while it might look like a loud beast of a mower it is surprisingly quiet, which means it can cut the lawn while you, and your neighbor’s, are fast asleep.

It’s easy to use and the firmware is updatable for free via the internet. The fact that the LB1500 is a pretty basic but effective robot mower is what makes it so appealing. There’s very little chance of stuff going wrong, and like a good old workhorse it does what it’s meant to – it mows.

  • Excellent cutting quality
  • It has Lithium battery technology
  • Easy to move around from area to area
  • Comes with enough wire and pegs for most installs
  • Build quality is exceptional; it’s built like a tank
  • 4-wheel drive
  • There is no rain sensor
  • Only one mowing zone
  • Installing the dock Is a little trickier than most
  • There is no alarm feature and there is no way to add one

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Husqvarna Automower 220AC


Another uncomplicated robot mower is the Husqvarna Automower 220AC that can mow up to 0.35 acres of lawn. This is one smart ‘MoBo’ – if it can’t finish the entire lawn on one charge it goes back to its docking stations, recharges and goes back, where it stopped, to finish the job. There is no remote, app or wireless connection but it does come with a touch-pad with an LCD display screen that allows you to schedule and set the mower.

The Husqvarna robot lawn mower has a rather unconventional blade system, with three carbon steel razor blades encased in a cutting disc. The law is left healthier with a much finer cut than a lot of the other robotic mowers; however, it needs replacing every two to three months, which is going to increase maintenance costs. It has a maximum incline of 20 degrees and is more suited to yards that are either level or only have slight slopes. There is no multiple zone capability on this model, which could be a problem if you have a lawn that has dividers or different types of terrain. There is no rain sensor so you will have to keep an eye on the weather or check forecasts to make sure it’s not left out in the rain.

The Husqvarna Automower 220AC includes some great safety features including obstacle, tilt and lift sensors that shuts the mower down or redirects it and it has a PIN code lock, with has an anti-theft alarm, and also stops unauthorized people of any age turning it on. There are a few updates we would like to see, like an app or Bluetooth connectivity, a rain sensor, and a more budget-friendly blade system. However it’s still a great auto lawn mower that is easy to operate and handles smaller, uncomplicated lawns well.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Extra security features
  • Frequent charging needed
  • No rain detection
  • No remote control

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Mythos Basic


The Mythos Basic is a rugged looking mower that delivers. The chunky wheels and 4-wheel driver give it a good grip and maneuverability for awkward inclines and steep slopes. It has a large range and can manage most lawns with a three hour work time. Unlike other robot lawn mowers the Mythos Basic doesn’t have a charging station; instead it runs on lithium batteries that are charged by plugging it into the mains.

We like that the setup is easy and you don’t need to spend time marking out the garden with a guide wire – the Mythos Basic uses its sensors to figure out where it needs to go.

Overall, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a hard-working robotic lawn mower that needs very little setup and can manage those hard-to-mow lawns. It is fairly pricey but it doesn’t seem to be a deterrent.

  • Solid 4-Wheel Drive
  • No Guide Wire
  • Three Hour Work Time
  • It’s expensive

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200m Virtual Wire/ Robot Mower Automatic Mower


The 200m Virtual Wire Automatic Robot Mower uses a microcomputer processor to provide you with a fully automated grass cutting session. Its intelligent moving function gives it excellent maneuverability to get in all the nooks and crannies of your garden. The robot lawn mower has a collision sensor that helps the unit redirect itself and continue with its task should it bump into any obstacles.

The smart functioning Lawnbott works while you sleep and the theft protection system will alert you if anyone tries to remove it from the property. Like other robotic lawn mowers you can adjust the cutting height between 3.5cm to 7cm and it moves at 0.2/0.3 minutes per second. The 200m Virtual Wire Automatic Robot Mower has a rain sensor which sends it back to the docking station should the weather turn, and it carries on where it left off once the weather has cleared.

The Virtual Mower is a cinch to use, is an all-rounder and has all the basic features that make a good lawn mower.  This is an excellent choice for smaller lawns or patches of grass that need to be cut, and while the anti-theft system keeps it safe from thieves, the feature also assists as an added safety feature, preventing unauthorized or unskilled people from using it.

  • Incredible navigation all over the yard
  • Completely automatic machine
  • Theft protection systems
  • It is fairly expensive

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Hybrid Remote Control Mower S Class


The Hybrid Remote Control Mower or RCLM comes with its own power plant; no not some mutant plant growing in the garden, but its own power plant to generate its own electricity. The Hybrid is safe, energy efficient and very easy to use. As tough as it looks it can annihilate weeds up to 3 feet and climbs slopes with a 30 degree angle.

The radio control allows you to move the unit in all directions: left, right, reverse, forwards and even a zero turn radius and the response is smooth and proportional. The Hybrid is to the lawn what a race car is to the track: it is fast, has a manual transmission, handles the corners and terrain and you get to experience great control versus turbo speeds.

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better – there is a hitch on the back of the remote controlled mower that can pull anything like a leaf sweeper, fertilizer spreaders and herbicides and the drive train is detachable from the mower, allowing you to hitch future power attachments from the makers Evatech, like a snow mower, a tiller and a whole lot more.

It isn’t the cheapest of robot lawn mowers but the possibilities are endless and the fact that it is made for more than just mowing makes it a very smart buy.

  • It generates its own electricity
  • Can cut weeds up to 3 ft.
  • It has a convenient hitch on the back
  • Blade switch placement is a bit awkward
  • The setup instructions aren’t great

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Robomow RX12


<p>The Robomow RX12 was released March 2017 and it sure is awesome! It is a compact robot lawn mower that can run 120 minutes at a time, cutting up to 150 square meters. The Robomow RX12 has a cutting width of 7 inches.</p><p>It’s a hardy little guy and comes in at a very affordable price, so if you’ve been dying to get your hands on a mow-bot, this might be the perfect opportunity.</p>

  • Looks to be a very good and efficient lawn mower
  • Leaves a carbon footprint
  • Expensive

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Best Robotic Lawn Mowers- Buyer’s Guide

Lawn mower robots aren’t cheap, bought-on-a-whim products. For the most part, they cost a fair amount of money so to make sure you are getting the best value for your money, with all the features you want, at a good price, you need to know what to look for when buying one. We’ve put a buying guide together that should hopefully make things a little easier.

  1. Weather-proof – Because it is outside a lot of the time, and usually on its own, one of the most important criteria to look at is whether it is waterproof or water-resistant, and if it comes standard with a rain sensor. Check that your Lawnbott can handle extreme conditions, including heat, cold and rain. You don’t want the electronics or motor not being able to handle the various weather changes or being over-sensitive and in need of attention all the time. The auto mowers with rain sensors will stop mowing as soon as the rain starts and make their way to the base; as soon as the rain stops they continue where they left off.
  2. Components – it goes without saying that robotic lawn mowers have mechanical components, just like normal lawn mowers. You need to consider these when deciding on a unit for you, from the blades, the motor, front and back wheels, to the engine, the structure and a whole lot more. While they might add to the overall cost of the device they also add value, with it delivering high quality performance and it will last much longer than a machine that has skimped on parts and workmanship.
  3. Charging stations – You’re purchasing a robot lawn mower for its convenience so you don’t want to spend time running after it to charge it. Most robotic mowers have a docking station or base that the mower returns to when it needs to be recharged. Depending on the size of the area to be mowed you might need more than one charging station and you might have to lay out guide wires so the mower can find its way back to the base, without getting lost.
  4. Navigation system – to be considered a well-constructed navigation system there needs to be three things in place: wires or grass detection sensors, a video camera and a satellite connection. With these three elements you have an effective navigation system that will work well and won’t let you down. So when you are shopping around for a lawn bott you need to carefully check and confirm how well the system has been built, because a robot mower will only be as good as this system, and without it you really don’t have a chance of it being good at mowing.
  5. Lawn Area Coverage – Robot mowers are designed to handle different sizes of lawn. Be sure to check the coverage, if there are multiple zone settings and mowing patterns. Some of them are able to navigate borders and can move from one area to the next without needing guide wires.
  6. Safety and security – It’s a given that most robot lawn mowers come various safety measures – from tilt and lift sensors that cut the machine as soon as it’s lifted off the lawn, some might have a sense that stops the mower if someone or something gets too close. They are also designed in such a way that the blades are a safe distance from the edge of the machine, giving it enough room to turn around and redirect itself should there be any obstacles. A few have a PIN code feature which is for safety and security. For security reasons some robot lawn mowers have an anti-theft alarm that goes off if the device is moved from your garden and others will also have a PIN code system for added security
  7. Eco-friendly – Most mow-bots are energy efficient, running on rechargeable batteries and because it runs on electricity there are no toxic emissions like a fuel driven lawnmower.
  8. Timer and Settings – While some robot mowers have a setting panel where you can program it to work according to your needs and schedule, others work via a smartphone or iOS app or a Bluetooth connection. This is a handy feature because you can select when and how you want your Lawnbott to work.
  9. Adjustable height – You can adjust the height of the unit to cut the grass according to your preferred height.
  10. Multi zones – The multi zone capability means the automatic mower can travel to different areas of your yard without you having to reset the locations. This is only necessary if your lawn is different sizes, with different areas.
  11. Reliability – We consider this to be an important feature. Buying cheap could cost more in the long run, and skimping on features could also mean you need to upgrade sooner than you had hoped. A robot lawn mower is an investment, so we suggest you treat it as such – spend as much as you can afford; it’s guaranteed to save you money in the long run and also save you a huge amount of time and frustration.


Given the choices in the market today, and that it is still a fairly new product, it can be overwhelming when trying to find the best robot lawn mower for you. Hopefully, we’ve given you some helpful information as to what you should be looking for, what is available, what they are capable of. The good news is that each passing year, the technology is refined and very soon you’ll see a drop in prices and an increase in quality.

However, if like us you can’t wait until then, we can only hope we’ve featured a robot lawn mower to suit your needs, your lawn and your budget.

Have you already purchased one? What are your initial thoughts?